Leon And Ada

Its not the first time shes detangled herself from his limbs. Things change however when Leon is introduced to Chris Redfield during a.

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We both had each others back that day Ada.

Leon and ada. Leon and Claire dont ever get together. They dont even interact that much after RE2 which is a little disappointing. Leon has committment problems so he has deluded himself into thinking Ada is the perfect woman for him since she is un-obtainable unlike Claire Ashley or Helena.

Leon and Adas marriage was one of convenience – each of them taking what they wanted while living in stability and comfort. Leon and Ada encounter a reporter name Ben. Entangled is an erotic what-if scenario following Leon Kennedys journey from Resident Evil 2 Rookie Cop to Resident Evil 4 Special Agent through a series of secret encounters with Ada Wong.

Enters Resident Evil 2 Leon and Ada meet for the first time. Showing him that she had been deeply moved by his actions that day. Green_Puff 8 years ago 3.

Leon Scott Kennedy is dead. Both stayed silent as Leon drove into Asia not knowing the horrors that waited for them. But in her search for the killer Ada uncovers more questions than answers including a sinister conspiracy by a familiar enemy force.

Killed by a snipers bullet. 1 Location 2 Transcript 3 Gallery 31 Official English localization 32 Original Japanese script 4 Bibliography 5 Sources. Includes interstitial segments000 Encounter107 Devil200 The.

He felt as if he should say something. The two of them decide to work together. Leon and Ada レオンとエイダ Reon to Eida is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6.

Ada says shes in search for her boyfriend John so she says and of course Leon is trying to get the hell out of the city. You could also retouch Leons and Adas fingers and curls like bones on the back elbows knees ankles and Leons elbow and the straight mark on the back that Leons shirt marks for being stuck who knows some details of defining the muscles of the abdomen and arm a bit more as well. Leon watched as Adas eyes began to tear up.

Nimble quiet movements– a secret as everything else is between them. Its not the first time Ada finds her back pressed against Leons bare chest his arms wrapped protectively around her body his breath against her hair. Leon and Ada are an unofficial couple Leon is to be blunt head over heels for her and in recent instalments 6 and now the re2make Ada has been heavily implied to care about him as well.

Now Ada Wong is on a quest for vengeance against all who had a hand in it. Once landing the agent and spy climbing into a brown jeep after leaving the airport then pulled out the parking lot. Ada cares for leon maybe more than anyone else in her life.

– Leon Kennedy reuniting with Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4. However Leon doesnt believe this until Ada tells him herself. Leon and Ada buckled in as the plane started to land.

During that time Leon found out from Annette Birkin that Ada was actually a spy and only came to steal the G-Virus. But i see her as this majestic wolf who cares but chooses to be alone. He was beginning to see real emotion crack through the solemn mask that she always seemed to wear upon her lovely face.

The Darkside Chronicles HD without logossubswatermarks. All cutscenes from Resident Evil. Leon and Ada managed to fight against most of the enemies but soon Ada is wounded by a mutated William Birkins claw.

My latest illust by using PS CS3 Draw beautiful Ada againactually I like her outfit in 6 Ada Wong – Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil Video Game Resident Evil Cosplay Resident Evil Game Ada Wong Leon. As with all files in the game the bottom part of this file can only be read on RENET.

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